Money as a possession


The Mother

Sunlit Path

Page 171

Chapter: Money Belongs To No One


The conflict about money is what might be called a “a conflict of ownership”, but the truth is that money belongs to no one.

This idea of possessing money has warped everything. Money should not be a “possession”: like power it is a means of action which is given to you, but you must use it according to…what we can call the “will of the Giver”, that is, in an impersonal and enlightened way. If you are a good instrument for diffusing and utilizing money, then it comes to you, and it comes to you in proportion to your capacity to use it as it is meant to be used. That is the true mechanism.

The true attitude is this: money is a force intended for the work on earth, the work required to prepare the earth to receive and manifest the Divine Forces, and it – that is, the power of utilizing it – must come into the hands of those who have the clearest, most comprehensive and truest vision.

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