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The Mother

Sunlit Path


The Mother has always provided a voice offering profound insights which has served me well in those times we all experience when we are looking for answers. I am so grateful to have found her clear thoughts I feel compelled to share them. While I strongly recommend all her writings and books to everyone wishing a deeper understanding of life, I will share particular quotes which I have found moving and profound, have impacted me, and believe you will enjoy and benefit from as well. May her compassion and the light of her wisdom benefit you on your journey too.

- In Love and Light


The Sunlit Path¬†is a collection of brief passages from conversations where The Mother talks about the qualities one must develop in order to grow inwardly and pursue a harmonious spiritual life. She discusses the difficulties of the spiritual path and explains how to overcome one’s weaknesses, relate well with others and face the problems of daily life. Other subjects include money, health and work.

“There is always (it is probably inevitable) the path of struggle and then there is the sunlit path. And after much study and investigation, I have had a sort of spiritual ambition, if it may be called that, to bring to the world a sunlit path in order to eliminate the need for suffering and struggle…”

- The Mother


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