Auroville, India – Feb-Mar 2018


Transformational experience with great people in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

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Join us February 2nd – March 16th, 2018

We intend to return to Auroville someday soon for another wonderful retreat! Auroville, the unique city built to support raising human spirituality, create more Peace on Earth – and with Yoga! When we secure a date, please join us (actual days activities to follow) for a unique experience and practice within Auroville’s special heart. As before, we will host a retreat combining Yoga, exploring and study focused on helping you find more balance and enjoyment not just in your personal yoga practice and more. We will work to schedule our retreat to enjoy India as well as let us participate with whatever celebrations of Mother’s birth and Auroville’s history planned to coincide with our visit.

Mitra is a lifetime practitioner, teacher, guiding many a yoga journey; born in Teheran, Iran, she is a formally certified yoga instructor and fitness specialist.

Studying Ovaicy Sufism as a teenager she performed throughout Iran interpreting traditional Persian music and dance. Teaching Yoga by 17 her travels took her to Algeria, Istanbul, Morocco and more before settling in America to raise her family; Mitra has offered retreats in Singapore, Mexico, Austria and India from her home in Californian passing on the cumulative blessings from her many caring and talented Master instructors over the years. She is forever grateful for their shared insights and teachings, pledged to keep the Yoga tradition of sharing these truths with her students.

Her classes reflect her four decades of continuous practice to protect and pass on the flame of Yoga’s eternal light. Laughter commonly mixes with insights and aphorisms as every practice reflects the differences of students; Head, hand, and heart are expanded with the love and light of yoga. Mitra’s goal is helping each student find more health and joy.IMG_7942

Once we have dates, please plan on joining Mitra for a retreat celebrating Life and Yoga in Auroville, India.

As there are few opportunities  to visit Auroville with a Mitra yoga retreat, – Please don’t wait when we get our date and send your deposit in ASAP to reserve your space.  

banayan tree

For more pictures and history about Auroville, just Google.

Historically workshops price includes:

Two Weeks Lodging

Two weeks of meals – Breakfast, lunch & dinner

- Ashram Trips

- Visiting local Temples


Here’s what glance at a typical Schedule

  • Visits planned to coincide with The Mother’s and Aurville Celebrations when possible. Detailed daily schedule posted once we have a date confirmed – We are shooting through additional dates now in 2017 and beyond. We will share confirmed dates here and via email to those who have said they want to come as soon as we know for sure.






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