downtown graz

Graz, Austria 2014


Join Mitra for 12 days of yoga, with the middle, 3 days off (so 8 days of yoga, date to be announced).  There will be plenty of time to explore the charming city of Graz during our time off!

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downtown graz

A special enjoyable Yoga workshop is waiting for you in Graz, Austria later this summer or in early fall – (Dates to be announced); last year practitioners came from around the world to enjoy our wonderful intense practices together.

Our beautiful Austrian experience starts with a delightful private class space – intimate and open – located centrally within Graz – giving you personal space to practice and concentrate while enjoying the support of other serious practitioners around you under Mitra’s caring guidance. Step outside and find yourself surrounded by centuries of Tyrollean beauty equally close to modern cafes as they are to other amusements and recreations. Here every stroll can be a wonderful tour thru history. A wealth of choices abound in every direction – from Espresso cafes offering Austrian treats to organic vegetarian meals to all manner of diversions and entertainments. Enjoy the delight of having to choose between tempting Austrian chocolates as you wander along cobblestone streets engaged in conversation with your classmates, or where you alone ponder your luck at being in such a place of natural beauty with centuries of civilization on display.

Our charming host city commonly offers warm, blazingly beautiful days with piercing blue skies overhead illuminating memorable days with fellow students – either in class or just enjoying Graz. Consider this your personal invitation to come join us and enjoy a concentrated personal yoga practice mixed with old-world Austrian hospitality. After or before yoga, if the mix of modern and ancient Austria isn’t enough, lift your eyes to enjoy the surrounding protective granite shoulders of mountains draped with a glistening blanket of white ice-diamonds; if your like us, you can’t help but smile. Know we all plan to try and experience as much of their Opera and riding funiculars up into the mountains for hiking or just gazing on bronze park sculptures as we can fit into our twelve days. We would love to have you join our eclectic gang.

These special days have limited availability so don’t wait. Graz yoga with Mitra is a fleeting pleasure available only to those who reserve while space is available. All that is missing for this year’s trip – is YOU!

Your Graz Yoga with Mitra is 12 memorable days – 4 days of yoga, then 3 days off for fun and exploring, followed with 4 more yoga days (8 total yoga days, immeasurable Austrian memories [dates soon to be announced]).  Come with us. Enjoy Yoga days mixed with warm Graz charm! You’ll be glad you came.
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Curious about what kind of experience you can expect in Graz?  Check out what the New York Times had to say about it.
“Ask most travelers about Austrian cities beyond Vienna, and you’ll probably hear suggestions to go to Salzburg or Innsbruck. Austrians, however, might tell you that Graz — their country’s second-largest city, with a population of just over 300,000 — is a better choice for many tourists, thanks to its rich design, art and culinary scenes, and wine and produce from the surrounding south Austrian state of Styria. Built around the Schlossberg, an ancient hilltop castle, Styria’s regional capital is home to scores of boutiques, shops, restaurants and museums, many housed in restored Baroque-era buildings in the city’s well-preserved Old Town. You might not expect to find such a cultivated metropolis two hours down the road from Vienna toward Ljubljana, but Graz has a palpable joie de vivre, thanks in part to the presence of its six universities and over 40,000 students.”
Courtesy of the New York Times.


  1. Hans-Peter Beingrübl


    Dear Mitra,
    Thank you very much for the wonderful time in Graz.
    You helped me a lot with your presence & style of yoga teaching to come closer in contact with my happiness ….-:)

  2. Doris Bauer


    Dear Mitra,

    I wanna thank you from my heart for the wonderful yoga-experience I was given through you here in Graz!
    Practicing yoga makes me very grateful .. for the people in my life, for living and feeling love ..

    Again, thank you for your refreshing, uplifting, enganging, dynamic, funny and colourful being,
    and yoga you give to us,
    all the best,

  3. Alison


    This retreat changed my life!!
    Mitra is teacher with deep integrity–she gently guided me through my own journey with so much love ( & nazzy nazzies!) and clarity. I quickly fell in love with Graz, which is a totally pedestrian city– each micro neighborhood had so much to offer–from local hand made shops, espresso bars, excellent restaurants and historic architecture. The beautiful people at City Yoga are kindred spirits who warmly opened their hearts to us, sharing their experiences as they showed us around the city. I can’t wait to return….

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